Make a connection!

Our heart is that no one would have to do life alone. Groups are the way we help you find connections that help foster your relationship with God. At CFC, we launch new groups three times a year on an 8-week semester basis, but you can browse our Groups Directory at anytime to find a group for you!

3 Types of Groups at CFC

Dinner Groups

Where you do exactly that enjoy a meal with others either in homes or restaurants.

Activity Groups

Where you join with others in all kinds of activities, from book studies to bike rides, from enjoying coffee to hiking. There are many types of activity groups.

Outreach Groups

Where you and other like-minded people join together to serve your local community in many different ways.

2023 Semester Launch Dates

Join a group anytime or dive in at a new semester at one of these dates for 2023:

February 26th | June 11th | September 24th

Want to Lead a Group?

Learn more about leading a group at the button, below