Cultural Values

Values are what shape the culture in any community or family. Below are the values that guide our attitudes and actions throughout all our CFC ministries.…

Redemption Obsessed

We are fixated on, helping others experience Gods redeeming goodness in every area of their lives.

Faith Focused

We choose to believe the best and maintain a firm belief that anything is possible with God.


We remain focused and de- pendent on the Holy Spirit to guide and empower us to do His work and build His church.

Growth Committed

We continually pursue improving and growing in all areas of our life and church, never settling for what is.

Generous Spirited

No bare minimum mindsets. We seek to go above and beyond to love and serve Jesus with our time, talent, and treasure.

Honor Minded

We put major stock in the value of all peo- ple. Honoring up, down, and all around. From our Pastors to our first-time guests, honor is a mindset and a priority.

Team Centric

We believe teamwork makes the dream work and so we prioritize the heart to serve alongside others. No solo climbers. We are better together.

Unity Oriented

We earnestly seek to all move in the same direction—addressing conflicts appropriately and submitting to others. We keep the distance between us small.

Hospitality Hearted

We love to go above and beyond to welcome others and make them feel at home among God’s family, no matter who they are or where they are from.

Excellence Driven

Excellence is doing the very best we can with what we have at our disposal. This is our aim, always.