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NU Online

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NU Eagle

Access NU Eagle for student resources

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NU Student Handbook

View the NU Student Handbook (different from the CFC College Handbook)

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Cohort Materials


Access our Moodle site for cohort assignments and grades

Moodle Help

View this content folder for help with Moodle

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Slack Resources

View this content folder for help downloading Slack and for the User guide

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Student Documents

CFC College Student Handbook

View the CFC College Student Handbook (Different from NU Student Handbook)

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Fall 2024 Student Calendar

Check out our calendar for all upcoming CFC College events and deadlines

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CFC First Step Guide

View the CFC First Step Guide, covering vision, mission, values, and way of CFC

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CFC Membership Covenant

View the Covenant for Membership at CFC

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